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Story Of Ramayana

Ramayana And Yog Vaisistha written by by Maharishi Valmiki Ji


  1. फ्री कुंडली
  2. ज्योतिषी से परामर्श करें ज्योतिषी के साथ चैट करें ज्योतिषी से बात करें
  3. राशिफल राशिफल 2022. दैनिक राशिफल साप्ताहिक राशिफल मासिक राशिफल वार्षिक राशिफल आने वाले कल का राशिफल बीता हुए कल का राशिफल चीनी राशिफल
  4. लाइव ज्योतिषी
  5. शुभ मुहूर्त
  6. आज का पंचांग
  7. एस्ट्रोमॉल
  8. Astrology Mitigating Rahu’s Material Delusion

The study of the nine planets, called Navagraha, is important as it is believed that the Navagrahas have a major influence in our lives. We offer mantras and perform pujas to the Navagrahas, especially in times of obstacles or deciding the timing of major events in our lives, such as marriage, moving to a new home, or attending a job interview.

Rahu is considered a malefic planet. He is extremely feared because he rules over the knowledge derived from the senses, the tanmatras, known as: sight, sound, smell, taste, and feeling. Having authority there, he creates insatiable desires and extreme emotions.

Worshiping Rahu lessens the delusion of materialism and puts us on the path of righteousness …read more

Astrology Shani (Saturn) – Much More than the God of Misfortune!

In Vedic astrology, anyone born under Shani’s (Saturn) influence is feared to have bad luck, but Shani Dev is often misunderstood.

As spiritual aspirants, we come to realize that Shani is actually a friend rather than an enemy. 

As the incarnation of inert matter, Shani Dev (planet Saturn) defines our fortune, our health, and our popularity.

In Vedic astrology, anyone born under Shani’s influence is feared to have bad luck. To mitigate negative obstacles, Shani Dev is often worshiped to fend off misfortune, adversity, and evil. However, Shani is often misunderstood.

This misunderstanding is created by our fear of the frustration, pain, and loss that is often attributable to Shani.

As spiritual aspirants, we come to realize that Shani is actually a friend rather than an enemy. For the righteous, he is known as a great guru. For the wicked, he represents the great disciplinarian. For everyone under his influence, he establishes self-discipline and discrimination.

Qualities of Shani Dev

Shani has authority over all gross and inert forms. He has authority over all the gross elements of the body, including the functions of the nerves, muscles, cells, nails, hair, skin, teeth, and bones. Shani also has complete authority over death.


There are several stories about Lord Shani which have linked Him with misfortunes such as disease, death, and calamities.

He can create situations where we lack motivation, lack inspiration, and lack vision.

He can cause us to be unable to commit to a path, creating the pain which is the direct result of our inability to make commitments or attain fulfillment.

Shani has no cleverness nor deceit.

He exhibits complete seriousness and gravity in every circumstance, with no levity.

As a slow moving planet, Shani rules over restrictions and limitations. He does this not to deny us, but to foster the lessons that we must learn in order to evolve spiritually.

Shani Dev – More than the Planet of Misfortune

The experiences of loss and frustration help us to become detached. Through taking away our attachments, Shani reveals the truth about our mortal life and the limitations of the body and mind. We slow down. We contemplate more. We discriminate prior to taking action.


Through this difficult and often painful process, the great spiritual quality of self-discipline blossoms, and we develop a strong foundation of structure and meaning in our lives.

What initially appeared to be bad luck was actually Lord Shani’s way of strengthening us with divine qualities. We remember our true nature as truth, beauty, and bliss.

Benefits of Strong Shani

Shani has many benevolent effects in our astrological ecology.

For example, we often hear Swamiji remind us that we are seeking freedom through action — not freedom from action. Given that we must act, it is Shani who helps us create discipline in every action. He is the strength of that discipline, the focus of that discipline, and the commitment to that discipline.

A sadhu who is blessed with discipline will have strong, consistent spiritual practices.

Those who take birth with the qualities of Shani will have a steady life without extreme variations in worldly attachments, relationships, and even the rhythm of life by which he or she may move.

Whoever has a Yogic disposition may become adept at Hatha Yogi in order to make their bodies strong. Whoever has a Bhogi disposition (one with desires) will be granted the objects of desire, without them falling into disease.

Astrology Chapter 10 – Shukra (Venus), The Emblem of Love

Shukra (Venus) is the planet of the subtle body. He blesses us with the fruits of our labor, has authority over all attributes and talents, and is the cause of love, attachment, and affection. It is no wonder that Shukra is revered in the material world.

Worshiping Shukra brings love, harmony

Shukra (Venus) is the planet of the subtle body. His role is to change the subtle within us. He holds authority over all of the secrets of Duality, and is in constant evolution and change.

Shukra has been elevated to the position of a Guru by the Asuras (negative qualities), who respect him and think that his authority is special and formidable.

The Guru of Duality, Shukra, is in direct opposition to the Guru of the Wise, Brihaspati (Jupiter). As such, Shukra and Brihaspati became enemies.

Brihaspati and Shukra are both grantors of pleasures, but between the two, Brihaspati is considered superior because the pleasure he grants comes from purity and clarity.

Attributes of Shukra

When we look at the outward manifestations, we often don’t notice that it is in continuous change. Everything appears consistent.

However, when we look introspectively, our life is in constant motion. This is the influence of Shukra, who is in constant evolution and change.

He is the creator of various forms of beings that live. He presides over all attachments. He is the embodiment of the desire to experience life as an individual, without which, the forms of being would not manifest.

When we become united with Shukra, we become very powerful.

In whatever location and in whatever attitude that work is performed, all of the fruits of those actions are the blessings of Shukra.

Having authority over all attributes and talents, Shukra is revered in the material world.

Shukra is the cause of love, affection, and their modifications for all beings.

In fact, whatever is considered beautiful, the cause of its beauty is none other than Shukra.

Therefore, all that has loving attributes fall within the domain of Shukra. For this reason, Jaimini Rishi wrote many poems and stories about Shukra.

It is not surprising that Shukra is respected by society and in all associations.

Brihaspati Compared to Shukra

Brihaspati illuminates the expressions of knowledge, while Shukra employs that knowledge in various actions.

In Brihaspati’s domain the gross meanings of all are explained. In Shukra’s domain the subtle meanings of the gross phenomena are actually experienced.

Brihaspati is an inventor. Shukra provides spirit to an invention.

Brihaspati allows the form of all thoughts in the mind. Shukra’s perception is of the actual inner nature of each thought.

Brihaspati feels the reality of the gross body. Shukra wants to experience the world through the senses.

In every human’s astrological charts, both Brihaspati and Shukra give forth their influences. Given this understanding, wisdom and efficiency in action are determined, and beauty, wealth, and bliss, even if they do not reside in that person’s house, they still remain inside that person’s heart.

The Worship of Shukra

Worshiping Shukra brings wealth, harmony, and makes a person gentle and considerate.

Learn Shukra’s Mantra and get your copy of the Mantras of the Nine Planets to chant along with Shree Maa!

Astrology Chapter 9: The Wisdom of Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Brihaspati, or Jupiter, is one of the most auspicious and beneficial planets.

He is the form of the Guru and the form of Lord Shiva. He bestows the highest wisdom and holds the key to liberation. Learn to enhance your wisdom through worship of 

Brihaspati, or Jupiter, is one of the most auspicious and beneficial planets.

He is the form of the Guru, the form of Lord Shiva, and the God of wisdom and eloquence.

His residence is in the Ajna Chakra (location of third eye), where he guards the door to the supreme.

He is known as the Guru of the Gods, or Guru Deva, as he bestows the highest wisdom and holds the key to liberation.

Divine Qualities of Brihaspati

All branches of knowledge, all perception, the basic principles of Dharma (the ideal of perfection), are under the influence of Brihaspati. The knowledge that Brihaspati grants to us is the knowledge of the highest principles of wisdom, which includes the wisdom of unity and truth.

Brihaspati has awareness of the ego, but that ego is very pure and is used to perceive the unity of the entire universe.


As the guardian of the door to the Supreme, without Brihaspati, one cannot understand the essence of Vedanta, the highest wisdom of unity.

The great astrologer Rishi Parasara described him so succinctly when he said, “Brihaspati is the originator of wisdom and delight.”

In union with the organs of knowledge, Brihaspati does grant momentary pleasures, but not for long periods of time. Purity and clarity are the real blessings that Brihaspati bestows upon us.

Benefits of Strong Brihaspati

Those who have a strong Brihaspati position in their astrological charts will have a natural disposition of wisdom.

Withdrawing from the senses, these individuals move beyond pleasure and pain, and experience the full and complete manifestation of bliss.

Brihaspati allows one to meditate in full absorption upon the highest principle of wisdom.

When Brihaspati is ascended in the chart, there is no destruction, no scarcity, and no pain. Brihaspati always allows us to experience the bliss of independence, the bliss of liberation, and the bliss of union with the Supreme.

Weakness in Chart

Someone with a weak Brihaspati position in their astrological chart would not have the ability to share wisdom and may demonstrate tendencies to harm the welfare of others.

The fruit of their karma may manifest in the body as weakness, or even disease. This karma may also give rise to a weak mind, with the propensity to demean the teachings of wisdom. They could also demonstrate an extreme greed for material wealth.

When both Brihaspati and Chandra are weak, together they create an insatiable desire for wealth. It may even give rise to diabetes or to other diseases of the lungs.

The Worship of Brihaspati

Worshiping Brihaspati results in good education, more wisdom, and clarity of thought. It may also hasten the recovery of physical illness and increase life span.

Astrology Chapter 8: Recapture Your Childlike Nature – Budha (Mercury)

A strong memory, excellent communications skills, and a joyful, childlike nature are the special characteristics of one whose astrological chart has Mercury (Budha) in a position of strength.

Recapture these special qualities – learn Budha’s Mantra.

Our lives, which we experience through the body and mind, are in constant contemplation of every phenomenon which we experience in the world.

Just as Mother Earth experiences illumination half of the time, and darkness half of the time, similarly, our consciousness experiences both darkness (ignorance) and light (intelligence, wisdom).

The five senses gather information. Our mind evaluates and judges this information, and stores this as knowledge. All of the experiences and knowledge are stored within our memories and can be recalled for future application.

Unfortunately though, as adults, these collected memories sometimes can hold us back from obtaining the ultimate joy and bliss that life offers us.

What can we do? What influences our mind and memory?

It is the planet Budha, or Mercury, which grants to us intelligence and illumination of wisdom. By worshiping Budha through mantra, we can recapture our childlike joys!

The Divine Qualities of Budha

Budha is like a sweet, innocent child.

If you observe a child for any length of time, you will notice that whatever they see, whatever they hear, whatever they learn, they absorb like sponges into their memory banks.

Just as a child can find delight in various circumstances in life, we also can have a positive outlook and find joy in the simple things life offers when we are blessed by a strong Budha in our astrological chart.

Children are simple, with no egos. Budha too is simple and has no ego — he has no desire to project himself or to proclaim his or her own worth.

He has no capacity of contemplation on his own. He is free from self-conceit and pride, just like a precious child.

While Budha is like a child, he also has some very important responsibilities.

He is the organizer of all parts of a human being: hands, mouth, teeth, throat, and breath. Also, all the organs of knowledge of the external world, the brain, and all the other organs which bring knowledge to the inside are organized by Budha.

Also, all of the branches of knowledge fall under the domain of Budha. For example, knowledge obtained from the Guru, the knowledge of curing diseases obtained from a doctor, and even the knowledge to sing another person’s song, is all from the blessing of Budha.

Benefits of Strong Budha

Whoever has Budha in a position of strength has a great capacity to memorize knowledge. Whatever is seen and experienced is internalized.

Budha is the only planet bestowing this influence.

Budha is in charge of communications. Whoever excels in communication skills, whether oral, written or other media, has a strong position for Budha in his or her chart.

When the Moon is united with Budha, the aspects of Budha become pronounced, and the memory becomes extremely sharp.

Astrology Chapter 7: Obtain the Strength and Courage of Mangal (Mars)

Learn how to obtain strength and courage through the worship of Mangal (Mars) in Astrology Chapter 7.

While the Sun creates and the Moon dwells within, Mangal is the great protector, defending against both internal and external enemies. 

Astrology Chapter 7: Obtain the Strength and Courage of Mangal (Mars)

In Astrology , we learned about the significance of the Sun and the Moon.

Chapter 7 discusses Mangal (Mars), whose influence is also significant upon human beings. While the Sun creates and the Moon dwells within, Mangal is the great protector.

The main authority of Mangal is in the protection of the body. Mangal defends against both external enemies, and enemies that come from within. As part of his protective nature, Mangal seeks to remove all negativity from the body, and also protects the body from outside influences.

Mangal is always alert and awake. Day and night he remains watchful with his protective nature. Wherever there is the possibility of inappropriate action, there he remains vigilant in his role as protector.

Mangal always wants to be completely independent. He desires to wield his energy independently, and does not wish to give up even one small aspect of his authority.

Of all the planets, Mangal has the greatest influence on the life force and breath.

In our physical body, Mangal presides over excretions from the body — stomach, anus, urinary track, sweat, liver, feces, and urine. He also presides over the circulation of the blood.

In the external creation he is responsible for hot and cold temperatures, rain, and accidents.

Mangal in Relation to Astrological Charts

If Mangal is weak in an astrological chart, it creates a tendency for inner forces to revolt, or even for external forces to attack. Such forces include ego, pride, anger, suffering, stubbornness, attachment to others, enmity with others, conflict in debating with others, sudden infatuation, impoverished behavior, and the tendency to experience suffering and pain.

However, if Mangal is strong in an astrological chart, then there will be a tendency to display extraordinary courage and a strong desire to manifest results. There will be no demonstration of fear or weakness of any kind.

In fact, there will be such a strong desire to achieve that the person will not take rest. They may even become impatient in achieving their desired outcome.

Such a fortunate person will also experience illumination, strength, heroism, abundance of energy, independence and the ability to create.

Other Planet’s Influence on Mangal

Mangal protects his virility, and has no desire for the bonds of marriage. However, when Mangal is influenced by Rahu (North Node of Moon), or Shukra (Venus), and in union with a member of the opposite sex, then his energy becomes very strong and is difficult to control.

Even in such circumstances, his original nature remains formidable. He becomes invested in his ego, and only desires his own pleasure.


Astrology Chapter 6: Attract the Divine Qualities of the Moon

The position of the Moon is the next most influential aspect of the astrological chart, second only to the Sun.

Learn the five divine qualities, or tendencies, of individuals born with a strong Moon in their astrological chart. Put into practice a special mantra to the Moon to attract these divine qualities! 

Astrology Chapter 6: Attract the Divine Qualities of the Moon

The position of the Moon, which is also called Soma and Chandra, is the next most influential aspect of the astrological chart, second only to the Sun.

Even though the Moon appears to be very small in the sky, as viewed from the earth, its influence is very great because of his proximity to the earth.

Comparison of the Sun and the Moon

Just as the Sun has the capacity to influence the soul, the Moon has the most power in its capacity to influence the mind.

The Sun is likened to Purusha, the soul, and the Moon is compared to Prakriti, its nature. The Sun is Brahman, the Supreme Divinity, and the Moon is Maya, all of creation.

The Sun manifests in nature as He Who Experiences Pleasure and Pain. The Moon manifests as the various forms of the creation. The Sun is the Creator. The Moon is the illumination of Creation, and its protector.

The Sun is the seed, while the Moon is the field. The Sun is the heat of the fire, while the Moon represents water.

The Sun is Father. The Moon is Mother.

The Sun is the supporter, and the Moon is that which is supported.

The Sun is the intrinsic nature of each individual, and the commander of his or her destiny. The Moon illuminates the circumstances of creation.

The Sun causes the energy to flow; the Moon flows with the energy.

Importance of the Moon

The Moon, which is the illumination of life, is a primary focus in the astrological readings and charts.

In fact, the Moon is so important in astrological readings that, in order to understand the influence of the planets, it is necessary to check the strength of the moon in relation to them.

When the Moon is exalted, it takes on those forms of exaltation. When the Moon is with the planets in their various houses, it assumes the form of the planet, and the attitude of its house.

For example, if the Sun is in the Muladhara in an astrological chart, then the prominence of the Moon is greatest.

If the Moon is united with Brihaspati (Jupiter) in someone’s chart, that individual has the tendency to become a reservoir of wisdom with a broad, heart-felt, love. This individual will share knowledge that is inspirational to all.

For these reasons, the Moon is extremely important in astrological readings.

The 5 Tendencies of a Strong Moon

The root of all feeling is influenced by the Moon. So, whoever takes birth with a strong Moon will tend to:

1) be compassionate like a Mother, with a tendency to be very loving, soft and empathetic

2) display feelings of unity with the entire universe, and have the propensity to ease universal suffering

3) live in non-duality, and dwell in truth

4) befriend others

5) be absent of selfish motivation.

But, should the moon be in a depressed position, there will be a tendency towards restlessness and agitation.


If you want to learn more about the Moon, and how chanting the Moon’s Mantra can attract the Moon’s divine qualities, just click: Moon and Mantra. Also, this will allow you to listen to Shree Maa chant the mantra.

Astrology Chapter 5: The Glory of the Sun

In astrology, the Sun, also called Surya or Ravi, is known as the Supreme Deity and Supreme Consciousness.

In this Chapter, we review the divine qualities of the Sun, how it contrasts to Shani (Saturn), and how the placement of the Sun in the birth chart impacts our nature.

The Sun has several divine virtues. 

The Sun, also called Surya or Ravi, is known as the Supreme Deity and the Supreme Consciousness. In Chapter 4, we learned why the placement of the Sun is important in one’s astrological chart.

In this Chapter we review the divine qualities of the Sun, how it contrasts to Shani (Saturn), and how the placement of the Sun in the birth chart impacts our nature.

Divine Qualities of the Sun

The Sun emanates light as rays. This light of the Sun’s rays illuminates the entire earth. This light has no form of its own, but rather takes the form of everything that it illuminates.

If we stand back and observe the Sun, we immediately take notice of its divine virtues.

1) The Sun majestically demonstrates the divine quality of equanimity as He disperses His light upon all the inhabitants of the earth equally.

2) He generously gives to everyone and everything without any consideration of favoritism. Not only is the love of this light received by all equally, but also, the Sun gives with no expectation of receiving anything in return!

3) The Sun also demonstrates unparalleled Dharmic activity. Watch how it rises in the morning to provide light and warmth to Mother Earth, allowing creation to manifest.

4) The Sun demonstrates extraordinary discipline as it rises and it sets, every day, right on time — never missing even one day without fail.

5) The Sun never complains. He never gets tired. He just does His duty with careful attention, day in and day out.

The Sun as the King of All Wisdom

Given these examples, it is easy to understand why the Sun is revered as the King of all Wisdom.

Wisdom is pure. It has no sin or defect. It has no darkness as it is fully liberated. Untruth and falsehood can never enter the Kingdom of Wisdom.

In the Kingdom of Wisdom there is neither pleasure nor pain. There is no delight and no sadness. It is free from all attraction and aversion, from all attachments of every kind.

Just like the quality of fire reduces all things to ashes, the fire of the Light of Wisdom reduces all impurities to ashes. Other than the highest wisdom, nothing else can exist in this Kingdom of Wisdom.

Those fortunate ones whose birth charts have the Sun in an auspicious placement, have a tendency to demonstrate the Divine qualities of the Sun.

The Sun as the Supreme Divinity and Guru

The Sun has the character of perceiving all without distinction.

He is completely true and full of wisdom.

His every light ray is full, complete, and perfect.

He sees all the manifestations of creation, both the strong and the weak, as being one. No one is seen as insignificant.

All that has become manifest in the realms of the Sun, dwell because of the existence of His light.

All the light of the universe comes from the light of the Sun. In the absence of the rays of the Sun, how will creation survive?

All the constellations of existence are dependent upon the light of their Suns. The Sun gives forth the light which energizes all the planets of all existence.

The Sun has the capacity to bring forth the creation, life, soul, illumination, respect, energy, and discipline.

He is the Creator of Creation, Protector of Creation, and the King into which all creation dissolves. He is the Supreme One of creation, the supreme master, and the one who dissolves all existence.

Therefore, The Sun is a Guru. He demonstrates a perfect example for humanity to emulate. Throughout India the Sun is worshiped as Surya Dev, a God and Guru without a doubt.

The Sun and Its Relationship to Shani (Saturn)

Shani (Saturn) took birth from the Sun. The Sun exudes equanimity and peace, but his son, Shani, became filled with an aggressive nature, an became an enemy of his Father.

The Sun says that all are equal, all are one. But His son, Shani, says: that is not true! Some are great, some are small, some have good qualities and characteristics, while others have none!

In Shani’s conception of creation humans strive to become great, and the competition between humanity is natural. This allows judgement and contempt towards each other to continue to grow.

We can see this in the behavior of humanity today. With the influence of duality, mankind began to cultivate ego and attachment. Therefore, humanity has to accept the fruits of attachment, various forms of pain, and death.

A strong placement of Shani in one’s birth chart manifests as a tendency to take on these aggressive behaviors.

Sun’s Placement on the Astrological Chart

The Sun is the Soul and the Lord of Nature.

The position of the Sun in an individual’s chart will influence how the planets cohabit, and that will indicate a person’s intrinsic nature.

The position of the Sun gives the energy which defines whether an individual is exalted with respect, or demeaned with contempt. The Sun will define the character of success for each individual.

If the Sun is prominent in the birth chart, that individual will experience the following benefits:
– endowed with the capacity of creation
– blessed with strong life energy
– success in every endeavor
– life with no fear, and experience life in its fullest

Likewise, if the Sun is weak in the birth chart, that individual will experience difficulties:
– lower level of creative energy
– lack of success, and a potentially short-lived life
– lack of self discipline
– little respect from others
– live in fear

No matter what our natural tendencies may be at birth, Swamiji teaches that with strong will power, those tendencies can be overcome.

Examine the Sun’s Divine qualities: the Sun exemplifies equanimity, dharma, discipline, persistence, and the beauty of constantly giving without expectations.

Follow the Sun’s example and your world will be illuminated without a doubt!

What are the characteristics of an individual who is no longer impacted by the planets?

Those who can move with the great energy of the universe and accomplish extraordinary things, are no longer impacted by the planets. They serve as a Mother or a Father to all of humanity. They have the ability to unite the fruits of their karma and to accomplish great feats, while never moving away from the characteristics of greatness.

With the help of the Jyotish Scriptures, we understand that much of their greatness is written in their charts, on their foreheads, and also in the lines in the palm of their hands. These lines can be read, and through proper application, one can get an intuitive understanding of the nature of the individual, as well as see much of the past, present, and future.

This scriptural understanding is helpful, as it allows us to see our path forward from an intuitive perspective, and affords us the opportunity to move with conviction. Then, as we walk on our journey through life, we can be in harmony with the great energy of the universe.

The Wisdom of the Great Energy

There is so much wisdom in the principles of this great energy. Energy manifests everywhere. Mother Earth is a manifestation of energy. Nature is also a manifestation of energy.

However, more so than anything else, the Sun illuminates this great energy.

There is a distinction between the Sun, itself, and its rays. The light ray is a part of the Sun, but not the totality of the Sun.

When a piece of glass is used to focus this light onto a piece of paper, that focused light will make the paper catch on fire. This is because the particles contained in the light ray also reside in the fire.

Within each particle of light, the great energy of the universe exists, though it is hidden.

As manifested beings, we also reflect the illumination of the Sun and its light rays. Therefore, the great energy also resides in all living beings. But, just as the light ray hides the great energy, so too, our human bodies hide the great energy.

One can easily conclude, without a doubt, that this great energy is everywhere, though often it is hidden!

Another principle of the great energy is that it is never destroyed, but rather, it is transformed. For example, our human bodies are a field of energy and, even when the body is destroyed, the energy is not destroyed. It is transformed into other aspects of life.

Deeply intuit this principle and you will better understand the wisdom that is inherent in all of nature.

Does the great energy exist in the night, when there is no light, and when the Sun is hidden from the naked eye? What can nature teach us about the great energy in the evening time?

Step outside on an evening with no clouds and look up into the heavens. In the deepest darkness of the night, we perceive the perfect emptiness of space, with hundreds of thousands of lights in the form of stars radiantly blinking in a great-semi circle.

The name of this semi-circle is the “Circle of the Heavens” or the “Circle of Divine Light.” When we look closely, we notice the circle of lights are blinking and, though these great jewels of the heavens are extremely far from us, they appear very close!

We see those dots of light as extremely radiant. They are of different sizes — some are large and some small, but none of them are completely still. The stars also have various colors. Some have a yellowish hue, while others reflect red. Some are of bluish color, and others are pure white, like snow.

One may think that these beautiful floating gems have their own internal light, but, in actuality, they are illuminated by the light of the Sun! Yet, they too contain the great energy!

Imagine how beautiful nature would be if we silently experienced its great expressions of energy. How peaceful it would feel if we witnessed nature’s transformations with understanding rather than with fear!

Becoming aware of nature helps us to understand the Sun’s power and impact on all of life. For it is the great energy source of all there is.

With this wisdom, we can easily understand why the placement of the Sun in a person’s astrology chart is a major contributor to that individual’s virtues and characteristics.

Astrology Chapter 4: The Wisdom of the Great Energy

What are the characteristics of an individual who is no longer impacted by the planets?

Those who can move with the great energy of the universe and accomplish extraordinary things are no longer impacted by the planets. They serve as a Mother or a Father to all of humanity.

Navagraha Deepam

The Navagraha Deepam (lamp) is lit in the puja room of our house to inspire positive vibrations. It brings prosperity, good health, peace of mind, and courage.

In this lamp, Lord Surya (Sanskrit: सुर्य, surya), the Sun, occupies the center place, and is surrounded by the other Grahas (plantets). Lord Surya is the source of life in our Solar System and represents the Light of Wisdom who dispels our darkness.

Astrology Chapter 3: Three Easy Steps to Minimize Planetary Influences

We experience the effects of the planets in all of our actions. Sometimes, the effects of the planets do not favor the desired outcome. Mitigate planetary influences and change the course of your destiny through practicing these three steps.

Astrology Chapter 2 – The Fruits of Studying Astrology Scriptures

The Astrology scriptures have such infinitely deep wisdom that, whoever has fully disciplined conscious awareness, can understand the deepest meanings of the heart. Such beings will continually experience infinite delights.

Those who have faith in the scriptures and who perform strict spiritual disciplines, can be privileged to have authority over this wisdom.

Astrology Ch 1: The Benefits of Understanding Astrology

By means of the Astrology scriptures, we can make our life journey with the understanding of where the path will be more difficult, where there may be obstacles, and what to expect in order to avoid surprises along the way.

In this way, the Astrology Scriptures illuminate the darkness along our individual paths.

Navagraha Sankalpa to Heal the Earth Mother

Shree Maa asks if you like to help to pray for Earth Mother to please pray to planets with us. Take a sankalpa to pray to one or more or all the planets with japa and homa as per your capacity and the following system. You can do it in one asana, in one day […]

Navagraha Worship Questions??

The Navagraha Puja which is included in the Cosmic Puja is a powerful way to propitiate the planetary influences in our lives….


Sat Guru Gian Nath Ji Maharaj

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